I have been overweight my entire life and thought I always would be. Needless to say, when I first heard about the HCG Diet Plan I was skeptical! I have tried everything to lose weight and none of them have ever worked. I went to Beth Golden’s clinic in 2007, as it was the only location I could find offering the HCG Diet. What a surprise to start her plan, that included detoxification first, and find that the weight just melted off! She taught me how to eat healthier, how to remove toxins from my diet and how great a healthy, trim body can feel! My energy increased, my skin got smoother and healthier and my body literally transformed into someone I hardly recognized! I have been able to maintain my weight and was proud of it!

In 2009, I had a baby girl and gained 35 Lbs during the pregnancy. 4 months later I was still about 15 pounds overweight and went back to Beth and used her HCG Max Diet and within 1 month lost that 15 extra pounds! Her HCG Diet Program has been a life saver for me!

~Becki, Seminole, Florida
Lost 80 Lbs
Maintaining a Size 6 – even after having a Baby in 2009!


I have always been petite until a surgery in 1998. Within 2 years, I gained more than 65 lbs and ballooned up from a size 1 to a 12. Since then, I have tried every diet imaginable with no luck. In January of 2010, Dr. Golden contacted me about the HCG Max Diet Plan and within 2 months I had lost almost 40 lbs. The system she has put together, along with the products and formulas are outstanding. Under her guidance and expertise, I was back down to a size 1 again by the end of 4 months. The other things that happened are my night sweats went away and I started sleeping again and just feel wonderful. Thanks Dr. Golden for this incredible program, your support and for having the ability to teach other Doctors how to do this plan!

~Carol Bryant, Florida

Lost 65 Lbs in 4 months

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    "I thought I knew it all, but I learned so much! I loved the training! It kept my attention the entire time! Dr Beth Golden is a great engaging speaker. She is obviously well educated and experienced and offering the HCG Max Diet has now completely rounded out my...

    Deborah Chelson, NMD, Tucson, AZ

    "Dr. Golden's presentations and trainings are delivered very well, with an easy to follow format and very convenient.

    The follow-up web based reviews and business building have also been a great help in my clinical application. In developing the HCG Max Diet Plan system, she has created a system that...

    John Silva, DC, Anew You Weight Loss, Port St. Lucie, Fl

    Having been a Health Care Professional and Educator for many years at Parker and other chiropractic Colleges, I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with Drs. Beth Golden and Gene Mitchell

    Starting with their attentiveness to detail, their knowledge and training program of the HCG Diet and...

    Edward Sigh, DC. Chattanooga, TN

    "I have my own personal HCG Diet experience but had never coached other dieters. While my staff and I were watching Dr. Golden's training, we repeatedly looked at each other and said, 'WOW! . . .We have spent the last 18 months looking for this type of information and...

    Laurie Cook, Owner, Franklin, Tenn

    After working with local pharmacies offering the HCG Diet, I realized I needed to find someone who I could get appropriate training from. I offer a great deal of customized, alternative therapies to my patients and have been concerned that most HCG Diet Clinics and Pharmacies don't really treat the...

    Peter Holyk, MD Sebastian, Fl

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