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Confused by all the conflicting information about the HCG Diet?

“I was, too! . . . That’s why I have spent years studying Dr. Simeons’ work and his use of hCG for weight loss, as well as developing and clinically testing my own HCG Diet formulations and systems.” – Beth Golden

Beth has been teaching Health Care Professionals how to effectively offer the HCG Diet and successfully operate a HCG Diet Business since 2008. She knows that teaching you how to price, market and get referrals is as important to the success of your HCG Diet business as well as learning how to oversee your HCG Dieters.

The HCG Max Diet Program is available to Health Care Professionals through a Licensed Distributorship arrangement and includes a complete Business Program, along with comprehensive HCG Diet training and Certification as a Weight Management Coach.  “I had no idea there was so much to the HCG Diet. I can’t say enough good things about Beth Golden’s training program.    I am really glad I am part of their Licensed System instead of just trying to learn this on my own.   After taking her HCG Diet training, I know realize how much I WOULD NOT have known about it otherwise!”   Dr. Bill Karim, MD


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After spending over 20 years in sales and marketing, Beth became a Naturopathic Health Care Practitioner and has owned and operated a multi-faceted wellness center in Florida since 1999.   After her personal success with the hCG Diet in 2007, she began focusing her Health Care practice on hCG weight loss. Initially her clients used injectable hCG and oral prescription hCG. She then began research on other delivery systems of hCG in her efforts to formulate a prescription-free hCG Diet weight loss product.

“Seeing the value of hCG for extraordinary weight loss results, I wanted  to develop an hCG Diet product that we, as Naturopaths, Chiropractors and Nutritionists. as well as Medical Doctors could offer HCG Dieters that didn’t require a prescription to be used along side a complete HCG Diet support system that treats underlying functional imbalances.” say Beth Golden.

Shortly thereafter, she formulated the HCG Weightloss System which included pre and post HCG Diet Phases to treat functional imbalances and X-3Lean®, a homeopathic product that contained both hCG and Leptin, along with 6 other key ingredients. She then went on to create the HCG MAX Diet Plan which consists of 3 CORE homeopathic remedies (Liquid Detox Drops, HCG Max® and Sta-Lean®). These 3 products contain over 70 key ingredients and are designed to address detoxification, weight loss and maintenance in just 3 little bottles.

In 2009, Beth become a member and strong supporter of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, which is a national USA based organization that educates that general public about the adverse effects of synthetic, toxic chemicals in body products. The Campaign works with companies, such as Beth’s, that formulate and produce natural skincare products to allow them to register their products and evaluate the level of purity and adversity of ingredients. Based on her Medi-Spa background and skincare training dating back to the 70s, Beth formulated Golden Essence® brand of HCG Diet Oil Free Skincare, the only clinically tested, clinically proven HCG Diet approved oil-free, paraben-free, skin care system also free of synthetic fragrances. These types of toxic skin care additives have been linked directly to breast cancer and other cancers. Beth’s oil fee HCG Diet skin care line and weight loss products, HCG Weight Management Coach Certification programs and Business Building System stem from her Business and Sales experience that span over a 30+ year period.

Currently Beth is the national educator for HCG Diets to Health Care Professionals from many walks of life; the founder and Advisory Board member of The HCG Diet Council; Manufacturers’ consultant; a member in good standing with: the American Naturopathic Medical Association, the National Center for Homeopathy, the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and the Florida Chiropractors’ Association. She continues to focus on creating and formulating successful weight loss programs, spearheads standardized research and training for the HCG Diet Council and strives to enlighten professionals and the general public on effective solutions to reducing adult and childhood obesity.



  • Testimonials

    "I'm extremely impressed with the depth and breadth of knowledge I continue to get and I am very happy with Drs. Golden and Mitchell's teachings, the company's products and that I chosen you over any competitors. I get phone calls all the time from sales people and not until I...

    Steve Polenz, DC, CN, Green Lake Chiropractic, Seattle, WA

    Having been a Health Care Professional and Educator for many years at Parker and other chiropractic Colleges, I cannot tell you how impressed I have been with Drs. Beth Golden and Gene Mitchell

    Starting with their attentiveness to detail, their knowledge and training program of the HCG Diet and...

    Edward Sigh, DC. Chattanooga, TN

    "Not only do my patients always get extraordinary results on Dr. Golden's HCG Max Diet Program, but I did this diet more than a year ago and was sold!!

    I know there are a lot of other HCG products on the market now, but these folks have been around since...

    Coe Ann Hardwick, DC, Complete Chiropractic Care, Kirksville, MO

    After working with local pharmacies offering the HCG Diet, I realized I needed to find someone who I could get appropriate training from. I offer a great deal of customized, alternative therapies to my patients and have been concerned that most HCG Diet Clinics and Pharmacies don't really treat the...

    Peter Holyk, MD Sebastian, Fl

    "I thought I knew it all, but I learned so much! I loved the training! It kept my attention the entire time! Dr Beth Golden is a great engaging speaker. She is obviously well educated and experienced and offering the HCG Max Diet has now completely rounded out my...

    Deborah Chelson, NMD, Tucson, AZ

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